The Salon: A Women’s Health Experience
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A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation and experience.


Recently, I was blown away by a woman I met in a tea shop. We spoke for a while, and I walked away thinking I won the lottery. She has such a depth of knowledge, every woman should spend time with her. To that end, we recently hosted a first in what will be a series of salons to bring this information to a broader range of people. To understand what this is, it’s best to start with the woman herself, Valeriya Mikhailova, and some of the questions she has addressed in her practice.

  • What do you mean I’m doing kegels wrong?!
  • How can bellydancing cure urinary incontinence?
  • What do you mean I can learn to orgasm (or multiple!) from dancing?
  • Can a hysteroscopy get me pregnant?
  • I can clear up my acne with a 5 dollar vitamin? 
  • Can the right vitamins & life changes eliminate my menstrual cramps?
  • What do you mean stress doesn’t delay my period?
  • Can Black Cohosh really help my hot flashes?
  • What do you mean body temperature doesn’t predict ovulation?
  • Is natural family planning really 99% effective?
  • How can I get my sex drive back?
  • Do I need to supplement testosterone during menopause?
  • Do I really need my daily 20-vitamin cocktail?
  • Why do I keep getting recurrent yeast infections?
  • Can guided meditation avoid an epidural during childbirth?
  • What do the results of your PAP actually mean (ASCUS, what?).
  • Will the antibiotics actually affect my birth control?
  • Is it possible to naturally choose the gender of my next child?
  • Will hormone replacement therapy actually give me a heart attack?
  • How can I take my sex life to the next level?

These are just some of the things your OBGYN clinician would answer if they had two hours instead of a 15 minute visit and wanted to help you live holistically.

How does she know? Because she is one.

Valeriya Mikhailova – in her own words

I am a Western trained OB/GYN clinician and have dedicated myself to empowering women with the critical information that they never knew they…never knew. I have spent years integrating Western care with mindful practice, giving women the chance to find answers, habits, and support to questions & issues they have had for years about their bodies, their sex life, their anxiety, energy, insomnia, pregnancies, PAP smears and more. I have a degree in Neuroscience, Physiology, and Behavior. I talk as much about what you can expect in an exam room as the practices that can be done outside of it. I am a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine. I talk about the taboo and off-limits. Because if not me, then who? I go into uncharted territory—to the questions you don’t want to ask to the questions who didn’t know you even had. I am a practicing OB/GYN clinician, a trained dancer, a doula, and a woman who was just as frustrated as my patients that the search for natural yet optimal women’s health led me down dead-ends, medications, and confusion. I am dedicated to creating a space where women can learn, move, & thrive.

So drop us a note, let us know you’re interested, and we’ll keep you updated with the dates of our upcoming salons.