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The Nemi Group caters to discriminating clients whose time is at a premium and who value impeccable service. It’s founder is a long-time Bay Area resident and business owner who has owned and run a boutique software development firm for 25 years. She’s also a recovering full-stack developer. We proudly serve clients in California and throughout the United States and overseas with our luxury agent network.

Working with clients is not a one-size fits all approach. We work with you in the way you prefer to work. You will define what a fantastic customer experience looks like, and it’s our job to make sure we meet and exceed that during your real estate transaction and after. We’re all about Plan B – planning ahead of time for what to do if something does not go according to plan. This keeps us proactive, not reactive, and helps to ensure a smooth transaction.

If you are in the market for real estate, as a buyer, seller, or investor, contact us. You’ll be glad you did.