Home    Time to turn back the clocks…

Why not use Turning Back the Clocks as a reminder to do these important homeowner’s steps as well?? Here is a handy list we have compiled of some helpful tips to keep your home in the wonderful condition you want it to remain in!

  • Sinks, shower & Tub – check the grout
  • Range Hood – check and clean
  • Fridge – Test door tightness (use a dollar bill and pull it out of fridge after closing the door on it)
  • Clothes Dryer – check on vents and hoses for lint
  • Plumbing – Check for leaks on supply lines and toilets
  • Electrical – test and reset all ground fault circuit receptacles, check all extension cords
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors – Check batteries
  • Weatherstripping & Windows – Check all caulking for separations and cracks – perhaps re-caulk
  • Water heater – Remove water heater residue following the manual
  • A/C – shut off, clean and cover until Spring
  • Heating – Have the system serviced
  • Garden – Plant new trees and lay sod / trim branches and shrubs / Winterize perrenials, clean annuals out / turn off sprinklers
  • Roof & Gutters – Clean off and check for damage