Home    A must read: “You Can Do Anything: The Surprising Value of a Useless Liberal Arts Degree”

Why are college graduates today having so much trouble finding the right jobs? How can we make the college-to-career pathway work better? If you’ve got a liberal-arts degree – or care about someone who does – read this book by Burlingame resident George Anders’ new book:

You Can Do Anything: The Surprising Value of a ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree.

George is a long-time journalist for leading national publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and Forbes. In 1997, he shared in a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. He calls this “the most optimistic book I’ve ever written.” His book looks at surprising new opportunities that are opening up in fields ranging from market research to finance. Don’t miss the allusion on p. 122 to a local English major you might know!

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