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Want to sell your home up to 80% faster? By properly preparing your home, you can do just that. There’s also no need to feel overwhelmed – a good real estate agent will work closely with you through the entire process to be sure you get the best price for your home with the least amount of stress.  In this article we will address:

  • Why home staging is necessary
  • Why first impressions matter and what potential buyers need to see
  • How to stage your home properly and sell it faster
  • The 6 key steps to properly staging your home

Why is Home Staging Necessary?

Have you ever walked into a luxury hotel or model home and fallen in love with the clean spaces and open areas? It might be the staging that drew you in. One of the reasons that a lot of homes are able to sell a lot faster is they are staged so get the “wow” factor. When a home is decluttered ahead of time, it helps to set the space up for the potential home owner to see themselves in that home. Consider these points for decluttering and staging your home.

The goal with home buying is for the potential buyer to see themselves in the home and want to move right in. You want to keep the focus on the house itself, not on your possessions, artwork and accessories. Because they’re now turning their attention to a negative impression – and not your impressionist artwork, they’re shifting from a happy experience in viewing a new home, to seeing something they don’t like.

First Impressions Matter…

According to the National Association of Realtors, a home will likely sell 80% faster if the home is staged. To sell a home, staging is required and this means decluttering. Keeping first impressions in mind, you want your potential buyer to see the home in a neat and clean way with minimal furnishings.

Another area where this can occur is with clutter. If the shelves are packed with personal items and overflowing, this can be a turn off because clutter or excess in a home can be distracting to a buyer. Seeing neat rooms with no clutter, lots of storage, and minimal furnishings encourages the buyer to want to purchase that property – before someone else does.

How to Stage a Home Properly

Start by cleaning and decluttering. Things to remove and store off-sit include: photographs, magazines, articles, toys, piles of clothing, drawings, stacks of bills, newspaper and mail.

Next, visualize the home as if it were a hotel suite and remove everything that you would not see in a hotel suite. For some people, this might be everything in the room, but that’s the goal when you’re home staging. You also want to ensure you remove all personal items as each room should look clean, empty and depersonalized.

6 Key Steps to Properly Staging Your Home:

  • If you have a lot of things you need to store while it’s being staged, buy storage bins or rent a storage unit. Every area needs to be cleaned and decluttered including the garage, basement, attic if it’s fully accessible, all cabinets and closet spaces. You want to show off all the great closet space and storage your new home owner will have. Let them see the potential!
  • Touch it up: Repaint the walls to give the home a touch-up and this can include a basic white to help it sell faster and get rid of scuff marks or noticeable discolorations.
  • Update cabinetry: To change the basic external cabinets is relatively cheap and this is especially helpful if you’ve had the original cabinets and they are extremely dated or worn.
  • Lighten up: Use white towels in the kitchen and bath areas and white shower curtains. Think clean, neutral, hotel-like.
  • Trim it and clean it: Next, go outside. Get rid of any weeds, trim the hedges and make the property presentable and sellable. Wash the windows and rid the area of any debris outside.
  • Hire a Real Estate Professional or Home Stager: Home stagers know right away what needs to come out of each room. Let them walk through, be sure to take notes, and follow the advice they give. While it might seem like a lot of work, your home will sell much faster than a cluttered home will. Also ask your agent or home stager about creating a floor plan of your home so buyers have something in hand when they’re ready to make an offer!


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